How to create a resume with Gatsbyjs

There are a lot of reasons to use a static site generator to generate your resume online:

Gatsby playground

The more you use Gastby, the more you realize that this is more than just a static site generator: it is a full blown application server.

the git staging area

So far, we have been mostly interested in git commits trees, and not so much about how those commits were created.

oops - wrong commits to master

You’re working on a fix and you created a couple of commits before you realize that those commits should be on a different branch, and not on master.

git rebase

In the previous post, we saw that a git pull command could lead to a merge commit.

git clone

The classic usage of git is to work with a remote repository.

git branch

One of the strength of git is the way it handles branches.

git init

One interesting feature with git is that its entire state is stored on your machine, inside the .git directory of your repository.
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