Bye Bye Relay.

Relay is a promising technology but it doesn’t pass my Litmus test.

Relay and GraphQL work hand in hand to make the development of the web application much simpler:

That’s very neat.

The problem is that this comes at a cost: a Relay application is still hard to write.

My main grief against Relay is that it doesn’t pass my Litmus test: if I spend one week without working on my Relay app, I basically need to learn again from scratch how to make sense of it.

This problem with Relay is aggravated with the fact that I recently tried Redux and Redux completely pass my Litmus test: Redux is so simple that it puts my brain at rest… I am not scared anymore to go back to my application.

Redux doesn’t solve the same problems as Relay but I do believe that, through the use of a custom redux middleware there must be a way to have a nice integration with GraphQL.

Because I still like GraphQL. A lot.

GraphQL remains a very simple and elegant way to progressively build a nice API. I will continue using GraphQL in its regular form, without all the constructions to make it Relay compatible.

Bye Bye Relay. No hard feeling. I’ll come back to revisit you once you’ve matured a little bit.