What about a real GraphQL/relay application?

We know enough with GraphQL and relay to start writing a simple application, right? Or so we think…

For the last 2 weeks, we have been playing with GraphQL and relay to try to better understand how they work.

We have not looked yet at all at the dark side (aka client side) of a relay application.

The goal is to develop a react/relay application which would provide those screens:

The goal of this application would be to serve as a starting point for a real application where the user would have to be authenticated to access the actual content of the application.

This application won’t have any actual backend: all the authentication management will be done in memory, without any database to persist the user accounts created.

Note to myself:

Even though this seems to be a simple application, I am pretty sure that the journey to get there won’t be as smooth as expected. We shall see.

I have created a project for this application and you can access it on github at:


Code Name

We obviously need a code name for this application. And a fancy logo.


And no, graphql-relay-authentication is not cool for a code name.

Let’s start with the first 3 letters and, bingo!, we have our code name:

grapes - the graph relay authentication application to protect the forbidden fruits.

and our associated emoji logo:


If I fail in my development career, I may still have a future in marketing after all.